Cleaning the blog

by Marius Bakke — Tue 29 November 2022

If you have followed this blog, you may have noticed some ... unusual posts. Concerning mental health, or lack thereof.

"Inspired" by my own post on Guix garbage collection, I decided to delete those posts from the index. They are still available on the server for the time being:

I'm trying to find my voice again after suppressing my emotions for most of my life. Writing about my trauma helped get me going to some extent, but these posts were not written from a place of compassion, rather a place of desperation and trial-and-error.

Hence I don't find them very inspiring and decided to let them disappear into the ether. Going forward I want to focus on what I'm already good at and nourish my passion for free software. Healing from complex trauma is a lifelong journey and writing about it does not really help.

Unless, of course, the writing makes you feel good rather than broken.